Choose Safe and Pthalate Free Mattresses

Choosing a cradle mattress for your baby’s room should not be a weak decision. There are a number of things you should look for on a baby’s bed to keep your little one safe. The cradle mattress you choose for your baby must be extra hard and in accordance with certain size specifications. You should also be familiar with adjusting the height of the mattress needed when your baby grows. Quality cannot be ignored. Especially with the existence of toxic chemicals known as phthalates in many traditional mattresses. Arm yourself with this knowledge, before shopping for the invaluable mattress for your baby.

To avoid entrapment or suffocation, it is important that the baby bed fits in the baby crib. You should not be able to insert more than one finger between the sides of the mattress and the box / rail. I also recommend you use a standard size baby mattress. It must measure 51 5/8 “with 27 1/4” and not more than 6 “thick. Make sure you measure the mattress yourself before placing it in the box. This is because the manufacturer’s label is not 100% proof of error. This is the case with 20,000 mattresses Simmons was withdrawn in June 2008. Safe baby mattresses not only fit in the cradle, but also must provide adequate support.

featured-image-4 (1)

Choose a tight and uniform crib mattress. A sturdy interior support system will prevent the mattress from sagging. This will make the sheet that is tight and loose (danger of suffocation) will not be made. You can quickly test firmness by squeezing from both sides in the middle. A sturdy mattress will quickly break back as soon as you release it and won’t fit the shape of your hand. However, extra hard baby mattresses may still be a springboard for possible accidents, if placed in a high place in the baby crib.

The height of the mattress is adjusted to several different levels in most baby cribs on the market today. This is a security feature that must be used after your baby becomes more mobile. Once your baby can stand up, I suggest lowering the mattress to the lowest level. This will prevent your child from climbing out. However, if your baby keeps trying to climb (or higher than the sidebar), then the crib and the mattress are no longer safe. However, during the critical first year of development, I recommend investing in a quality crib mattress.

Because your baby will spend most of the first year on the bed, avoid buying cheap mattresses that sell for under $ 80. Cheap mattresses are not durable and in my opinion, not safe enough. While good quality baby mattresses will be made from high-quality materials, and as a result are expected to pay more.

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