Using a Calligraphy Fountain Pen

Calligraphy means beautiful writing and to achieve this you need to start with a good pen. This is where the calligraphy fountain pen plays an important role as vital equipment in the field of calligraphy writing. The fountain pen is not a single piece but consists of the main body or the pen holder, sometimes known as the handle. Click this Website for more information.

The holder or the handle is the part that you would hold in your hand when writing; hence this should feel comfortable when you hold it. You can choose from varying sizes from slender to thick. Choosing the best calligraphy fountain pen is like choosing an ordinary pencil or pen that feels comfortable to grip while writing. If you require a good grip you can choose the type which is rubberized or has cork grips that would avoid the fingers slipping while doing calligraphy writing.

Plastic, glass, wood or even bone are some of the materials used to make a calligraphy fountain pen. However if you are an antique lover you could even choose an ivory pen which were very popular during the years when the harvest of ivory was not considered inhumane.

pen_mockup1_2_1024x1024 (1).jpg

Have you considered a glass calligraphy fountain pen? It is a beautiful piece of art in itself, especially the spiral-shaped hand-blown pen. It is very comfortable providing an easy and very firm grip. It comes in bright and attractive colors forming stripes and solid colors in attractive patterns.

A Calligraphy fountain pen in wood would be an ideal choice for a person who loves wood carvings on the pen, showing the craftsmanship of woodwork like the craftsmanship of the writing styles they are practicing. Though it may cost a bit more than the regular calligraphy pens it is worth it because of its intricate carvings.

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