Electric Garage Heaters – The Economical, Healthy Way to Warm Up Your Commute

Electric garage heaters use infrared technology to heat only the objects – not the air – in a space. Did you know that there is now a safe, economical alternative to the old-fashioned, energy-inefficient portable space heater – one that is perfect for keeping the automobile warm as it sits in your garage? For under $200, you can choose from a variety of infrared electric garage heaters – any of which will use 50% less energy than conventional electrical space heaters.

What is infrared technology? And why in the world would infrared electric garage heaters warm things up so much more efficiently?

How Infrared Heaters Work

Infrared heating is the transfer of thermal energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. With an infrared heater, the transfer of heat is emitted or radiated from the source (that is, the heater appliance). The source radiates heat at a peak wavelength towards an object. That object (a car, for example) can absorb the radiated heat at some wavelength, reflect the radiated heat at other wavelengths, and re-radiate wavelengths. It is the absorbed infrared radiation that creates the heat within the object.For more information visit here; http://www.heatyourgarage.com

Electric Garage Heaters

Confused? Remember…it’s How the Sun Heats the Earth!

If this is confusing to you, just remember that infrared heaters work differently–and in a way that does not depend on air movement to transfer heat. (That’s how traditional heaters work.) The electromagnetic-wave transfer of thermal energy is the same as the way our sun transfers heat to the earth. So really, though it sounds new and cutting-edge, infrared heating is also as old as the sun.

Types of Infrared Electric Garage Heaters

There are many different kinds of electric garage heaters on the market. Some are designed to be wall-mounted or pole-mounted, while others are stand-alone units. They also come in ceramic, quartz, glass, metal-sheathed (tubular), and open coil. The best electric garage heaters are usually ceramic or quartz varieties. Why? Because ceramic and quartz elements generate an even, gentle heat within an enclosed space.

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